Stupendous Gent

Real Name

Clint Kerble


Freelance Contractor, Secret Agent


Union of Superlative Heroes.

Stupendous Gent is the leader of Her Majesty Secret Defence Group also known as " The Union of Superlative Heroes".


There are 2 Origin stories that suggest both his life before and after the meteor impact.

- It is rumored that the 1st apperance of this mysterious fellow coincided with a huge meteor impact in the Artic. Known for his immense strength and and invulnerability, he works as a freelance contractor for the U.S, Canadian and British before retiring after 175 years of service.

- Before the meteor impacted the Arctic, Archaeologist Clint Kerble agreed to attened the Arctic Exploration to help find if any Dinosaurs have been frozen there, but Clint didn't expect what would happen to him that day.

Enemies Edit

Over the last 175 years working for both The Union and The British Government he has gained many enemies these include: 

- Maniac Brain  (Brainiac)

- Baron Paradox  (Bizzaro)

- King Congo  (Gorilla Grodd)

- Senor Blight   (Bane)

- Black Piranha  (Black Manta)

Trivia Edit

Credit goes to Chet Phillips 

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