Superman: Galaxy of Time is a fictional animated flim based on the DC comics hero Superman. The flim features the voice talents of Tim Daly, Dana Delany, Clancy Brown, Eric Bana and Leonard Nimoy. The flim's story has Clark Kent/Superman teaming with a Superman from the future to combat Nero an alien Romulan from the 24 century who declares war on Metropolis.


Superman is marooned on a distant planet called Delta Vega following a battle with alien Romulans. While there he meets an older future version of himself who explains that the alien he encountered named Nero along with himself are from 129 years into the future where Romulus was threatened by a volatile like supernova. Superman promised to save the universe from the supernova and he used a ship called the Jellyfish which includes red matter creating a black hole that would consume the supernova. He was however too late and Romulus was destroyed along with Nero's family. Nero the last of the Romulan empire blamed Superman for his family's passing. While Superman tried to escape, the Jellyfish and Nero's ship the Narada were pulled into the black hole dissapearing in an unknown time.

Nero had spent the next five years waiting for Superman to show up until he appeared in the Jellyfish in the current timeline. Nero had captured Superman but instead of killing him he stranded him on Delta Vega to witness Kripton being destroyed as revenge for failing to save Romulus.

Superman now realizes that with Lois kidnapped and held aboard the Narada he agrees to team up with his older counterpart to save the galaxy and defeat Nero.

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