Real Name

Kenta Kyoshi-Rel






Migami Kyoshi (Mother), Jorma Rel (Father)


Doktor Killer, Baron von Fear, Cyber Maniac, Anti-Hero Team

Kenta Kyoshi was born with superhuman abilities from his father genetic pattern, His father was Superman the first superhuman vigilante.

Kenta as Superman


Kenta was born 1999 to Migami Kyoshi and Jorma Rel, After they got divorced Migami moved back to Tokyo and his father moved to Alaska, 8 years later his mother discovered that Kenta has developed superhuman strength, speed and enhanced sight, After his father came to Tokyo to defeat the evil Doktor Killer and during the battle he became wounded so he decided to find his son and let him defeat Doktor Killer.  After finding his son he gave him his costume and defeat Doktor Killer and died beliving his son can be the hero the world needs.

Justice SentaiEdit

2 years after his father died Kenta decided to make a team of Super-Heroes to battle new villains these people are:

BatRanger -: After witnessing his parents death young Bruce Waynoi ran away from home and he discovered a device with a Bat-Symbol, When he pressed one of the buttons on the device he morphed into a superhuman policeman and got his revenge on the person who murdered his family and was eventually recruited by Kenta Kyoshi.

Green Knight -: Gre'n Kn'et was an alien Superhero from Barza came to Earth when his brother Super-Criminal Y'low Kn'et escaped prison and also came to Earth to get the help of all of the Super-Criminals but was defeated before getting to them afterwards was asked by Kenta Kyoshi to join his new Super-Team and he accepts.

Mercury -: Ziheng Kyoto is an reincarnation of the Roman God of the same name but when he was visited by a previous life he was given the abilities of his predesessors but the thing he didnt know is that another person also recieved the same powers and became a criminal name Nega-Mercury, After battling both Nega-Mercury and Colonel Nitrogen he was found by Kenta and was recruited into the Justice Sentai.

Wonder Pirate -: Ming Tao was born on an island of Pirate Women when Ming wanted to travel the world to fight crime and promote peace her mother refused but she ended up running away and over the next 3 years she fought The Tiger-Woman, Baroness Paula von Fuher, Dark Humaniac and many more she was discovered by Kenta and was recruited to be part of a Super-Team.

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