The Superman is a TV Series, based off of The Legion of Superheroes, 2008 TV Series, the 1990's series, Lois and Clark, the New Adventures of Superman, and CW's hit TV Series, Smallville


After returning home, from his time in the future, Clark starts his job at the Daily Planet, as the partner of Lois Lane. Clark meets Lex Luthor and the two become friends, but as Lex grows darker and darker, so does their friendship. As Superman, Clark must face a variety of challenges and villians.


Clark Kent/Superman/Kal-El - The last of his kind, an alien from the planet Krypto, who was givin amazing powers, due to the rays of the sun. As a baby, Clark's ship crashed on Earth and was found by Johnathan and Martha Kent.

Jenny Blake - A super genius and Clark's best friend, who is the only person, besides his parents, that knows Clark's secret.

Lois Lane - Clark's partner, from the Daily Planet and his love interest.

Jimmy Olsen - A friend of Clark's and a Daily Planet photographer.

Perry White - The Daily Planet editor.

Oliver Queen/Green Arrow - 

Katherine "Kat" Grant - A Daily Planet worker, who writes the gossip column, and is attracted to Clark.

Martha Kent - The woman who found and raised Clark. Along with her husband, Johnathan, Martha helped teach Clark to use his powers.

Lana Lang - Clark's first crush, who knows Clark's secret.

Kara Kent/Supergirl/Kara Zor-El - Clark's kryptonian cousin, who was stuck in suspended animation, until a battle between Clark and a phantom wraith breaks her out.

Conner Kent/Superboy/Con-El - A clone half Clark and Half Lex.

Krypto/Superdog - Clark's kryptonian dog.

Jack - A former orphan theif, who was found and given a job by Clark.

Lex Luthor - A billionaire mastermind, and a former friend of Clark's, who will stop at nothing to destroy the Man of Steel.


Season 1Edit

This season sees the beginning of Clark's journey as Superman, after coming back from the future, as he begins his job at the Daily Planet, meeting Lex Luthor, Lois Lane, and Jimmy Olsen.

Title Description
Man of Tomorrow Part 1 After Clark returns home from the future, he begins his job at the Daily Planet, working with Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen and seeing an old friend, Lex Luthor.
Man of Tomorrow Part 2 Clark gains the key to his ship, so he and his best friend, Jenny, activate the ship, explaining Clark's origin. After that, Martha recaps Clark growing up.
Man of Tomorrow Part 3 When Lex's new security bots go haywire, Clark must don his suit once again to save Metropolis.
A Little Piece of Home Clark finds out a mysterious green rock can weaken him, and he and Jenny recap their time in Smallville, facing people, infected by the meteor rocks.
Parasite A man steals Superman's powers, so Clark and Jenny must find a way to retrieve his powers.
Power Surge Superman must deal with an electric controlling radio host, who's show is about hating Superman.
Superman's Best Pal Jimmy pretends to be Superman's best friends, but this makes him a target to lex.
Lang After hearing about Superman, Lana Lang goes to Metropolis to see Clark, but must first deal with her old friend, Lex.
Crush As Clark and Lana rekindle their relationship, Clark finds an orphan boy and his little brother, while Lex sets his sights on Lois.
Hostage Clark, Lois, Perry, Jimmy, Lex, Kat, and Jack become hostages in the Daily Planet, while theives look for a hidden treasure. Now Clark must find a way to save his friends, without revealing his powers.
Metallo After being hit by a bus, John Corben is given a kryptonite heart, and uses his new strenght to get revenge on Superman.
Vengeance Clark and Jenny find out that a new worker at the Daily Planet is really a heroine, The Angel of Vengeance, who lost her mom, bringing back memories of Johnathan to Clark.
Countdown During the Smallville fest, a second meteor shower hits Smallville, and only Clark can stop it, by bringing together 3 crystals.

Season 2Edit

Title Description
Fortress Leaving off from Countdown, two kryptonians are on Earth, looking for Kal-El, while Clark throws the crystal of knowledge, creating the Fortress of Solitude, but when Clark does not return to his training in time, Jor-El takes away his powers.
Normal Clark continues his normal life with Lana, but a meteor freak Clark faced in highschool returns, forcing Clark to get a serum to charge his power, so Clark and Jenny must find a way to get the serum, without Clark's powers.
Immortal A former friend of Jenny's, plans to nuke Smallville and Metropolis, to wipe out all meteor freaks, so Clark must regain his powers to save his home.
Red After Clark is given a red ruby ring, he starts to act different, but Chloe finds out the "Ruby" is really red kryptonite.
Forget Jenny, Lana, and Martha must help Clark remember his life and powers, when a kryptonite strike gives him amnesia.
Hunted Superman is hunted by a man, who's father was killed by a meteor freak, but when he can't kill Superman, he finds out his weakness of Kryptonite, he creates Kryptonite bullets.
Transfer When trying to save a nerdy man, Greg, Superman is struck by lightning, near kryptonite, transfering his powers. At first, Clark enjoys his life normally, but when Greg goes too far, Clark must find a way to get his powers back.
Silver Clark is splintered with silver kryptonite, making him paranoid and making him see illusions, but he and Jenny are suprised, when their college professor, Milton Fine, helps them.
Disease When Martha and Jenny come down with a kryptonite disease, Milton Fine convinces Clark that the only way to save them, is for him to shut down the Fortress, but Clark finds outh that Fine is really a kryptonian computer, the Brain Interactive Construct, or Brainiac.
Memories Clark, Lana, Jenny, Martha, and Lex recap their history in Smallville.
Brain Brainiac returns, looking for a vessel for General Zod, who is stuck in the Phantom Zone, and chooses Lex. Jor-El tells Clark the only way to stop Zod, is to kill Lex.
Vessel Zod has finally taken over Lex and it's up to Clark to stop him, but he is sent to the Phantom Zone.

Season 3Edit

Title Description
Phantom Zone While Zod creates Chaos on Earth, Clark meets a former worker of Jor-El, Raya in the Phantom Zone and must get out to save his planet.
Sniffles When Clark pushes his powers overtime, he comes down with a cold, but his sneezing activates his super breath, blowing away everything in his path, but must get a hold of himself, when Lex is captured, by people who saw him as Zod.
Zoner Clark finds out when he escaped the Phantom Zone, so did other zoners, including Raya.
The Green Arrow Lois starts dating billion-aire Oliver Queen, while Superman must stop a new vigilante, Green Arrow, from stealing and giving to the poor. Jimmy and Jenny start dating.
Arena Clark and Lois investigate a fight club, and Clark figures out that one of the fighters is a zoner.
Shock Superman battles a zoner, who can control technology.
Need for Speed Clark must stop a theif with Super Speed, Barry Allen, who is even faster than him.
Strenght Superman battles a super strong Zoner, but when he is almost killed, a mysterious man saves him.
Asylum Clark wakes up in an asylum, where everything about his powers and him being an alien was made up by him, and his mysterious savior from the last episode, John Jones, must help him believe that a zoner is trapping him in his mind.
Canary Lex hires a heroine, Black Canary, who believes Lex is a good guy, to stop Jenny and Green Arrow. When Lois finds out Oliver's secret, she breaks up with him.
Cold Superman must battle a zoner with cryokenisis
Lane Lois's dad, who isn't a fan of Superman, comes to Metropolis, but is targeted by a Zoner
The Final Wraith Lois investigates an expiriment at Reeves Dam, while Clark and John continue finding the last zoner, who is more powerful than the others, but when the wraith steals Clark's bllod to become whole, he gains Clark powers and looks. Meanwhile, Jenny figures out she's a meteor freak.

Season 4Edit

Title Description
Bizarro Superman continues his battle with his phantom clone, Bizarro, but finds out his weaknesses make Bizarro stronger, and that Bizarro has heat breath and arctic vision, so he must use what strenghthens him, to weaken Bizarro
Kara Clark discovers he has a kryptonian cousin, who's ship is in self-destruct mode, and it will take Metropolis with it.
Maid of Might Clark tries to help Kara learn to use her powers, but she becomes stubborn, missing her home on Krypton, and she must don her own suit to save her cousin.
Infected Brainiac returns and infects Lana's mind, putting her into chromatic state.
Wedded Clark and Lois go undercover as a newly Weds. Meanwhile Clark continues to search for a cure for Lana, while Lois feels that she should be there for Clark, because Clark was there for her, when she and oliver broke up.
Where's Clark When Clark starts thinking Earth would be better off if he didn't go to Earth, Jor-El shows Clark a universe, where he didn't show up on Earth, but Clark doesn't find it a Eutopia.
Before the Explosion Superman and Supergirl follow Brainiac to the past, where Brainiac plans to stop Clark's departure from Krypton.
Key Superman figures out that Brainiac has been impersonating Kara. After destroying Brainiac, Lana wakes up.
Search Clark searches for Lana, and finds out she was looking for powers.
Power Clark and Lana continue living together, while investigating a string of murders.
Toys are Men Clark and Lana must defeat a man using toys to steal and kill.
Blue Clark uses a crystal to create a clone of his kryptonian mother, Lara-El, but also creates a clone of Kara's twisted father, and to make things worst, Lara gives Clark Jor-El's old ring, not knowing it's blue kryptonite, taking away his powers.
Absorption Lana finds out she can absorb Kryptonite and must choose between saving Metropolis from a large kryptonite bomb, or staying with Clark. Jimmy proposes to Jenny

Season 5Edit

Title Description
Plastique Clark and Lois investigate an exlposion, and Jenny finds a girl who was damaged and meets a medic Davis Bloome.
Serial Killer Lois and Clark investigate an attack at Ace Clubs, and suspect a serial killer, after a string of murders, just like this. Meanwhile, when Davis finds out that the blood he was covered in wasn't his, he fears that his black outs could mean he's the killer.
Aqua Superman teams up with Aquaman to stop Lex's machines.
Boy Toy Toyman creates a toy to mind control citizens
Cyborg Superman helps a half human, half machine recover, while being hunted by Lex.
In a Flash Barry Allen returns to visit his old friend, but as a new hero, the Flash. Lex goes after Barry, to get revenge for the last time Barry was in Metropolis.
Loss Chloe starts losing her memory, until she can only remember Davis
You May Now Kiss the Bride On the day of Chloe and Jimmy's wedding, A monster crashes it and proves to be too strong for Clark and abducts Chloe, and severely damages Jimmy.
The Legion Returns Superman gets to see his old allies, when Cosmic Boy, Saturn Girl, and Lightning Lad return to help Clark remove Brainiac from Chloe.

The Superman Vs. The Batman Part 1

Bruce Wayne goes to Metropolis to work with Lex Luthor, but the Batman has other plans, finding out Clark's secret, as Clark figures out his, but when Lex douses Superman with Red K, Batman must stop him.
The Superman Vs. The Batman Part 2 Batman and Superman continue battling, but after Batman saves Superman, they must work together to defeat Lex and the Joker.
Two sides of one Monster Clark and Jenny find out that Davis is the monster that crashed Jenny and Jimmy's wedding. Clark feels that it's Doomsday thats murderous, and that Davis is innocent.
The Doomsday Jenny uses black kryptonite to seperate Davis Bloome from Doomsday, leaving it to Superman to defeat him in his greatest battle yet. When Davis tries to kill Jimmy, Clark realizes he puts too much faith in the human race and decides to give up his humanity. meanwhile, Lex unleashes kandorians from krypton.

Season 5Edit

Title Description
Humanity Three weeks after Doomsday, Clark Kent is gone, as Superman continues his training with Jor-El, but must stop a kandorian. Clark has donned a black suit, with a white belt, cape, and S symbol.
Return of Metallo Superman has a hard time focusing on his kryptonian side, when he sees Lois, but must ask for her help, when Metallo returns.
Back to Work In order to find the Kandorians, Clark returns to work.
Justice Green Arrow gathers the heroes to stop Lex's plants, making armies of super solders.
Love in the Air Once again, Clark and Lois go undercover as fiancees, when somone starts abducting near newly weds. At the end, Clark kisses Lois.
Race Superman and the Flash race, with Superman flying and Flash running.
Banshee at the Inn To get alone time, Clark and Lois go to a bed and breakfast, but find Jenny and Jimmy and they must defeat an ancient Banshee.
The JLA and the JSA Part 1 The Justice League helpa group of former heroes, the Justice Society, when the JSA is hunted, by the son of their former enemy
The JLA and the JSA Part 2 All that remains of the JSA is Star Girl, Dr. Fate, and Hawk Man, so they must defeat Icicle Jr.
Escape of the Phantom Zone Clark and Lois are sent to the Phantom Zone, where they find Kara and the zoners that Clark sent back.
The War Back in his red and blue, Superman and The JLA try one final attempt of keeping the Kandorians from releasing General Zod in an all out war.
Revenge of General Zod While the JLA fight Zod's army, Superman faces Zod. Lois finds out Clark's secret.

Season 6Edit

Title Description
Savior As Superman recovers from his battle with Zod, he is visited by his father. Meanwhile, Lois, now knowing Clark's secret, researches Clark's acts of heroism in Smallville.
Beyond the Stroke of Death Superman must defeat Deathstroke, formerly known as Gen. Slade Wilson. Meanwhile, Clark proposes to Lois, and she reveals she knows his secret.
The Answer Is... Lois says yes to Clark's proposal, but starts to argue that he should have told her. Meanwhile, Toyman returns for revenge.
Kents Clark takes in a clone, Connor, thats half him and half Lex, but Lex comes looking for Connor.
Bullseye Clark and Connor is hunted by deadshot, an assassin with perfect aim.
The Night Before Christmas While Superman battles Toyman. Clark and Lois get ready to set up Christmas dinner for them, Connor, Kara, Martha, Jenny, and Jimmy.
Back to the Zone Superman and Superboy defy Jor-El and travels to the Phantom Zone to find Raya's crystal.
Happy New Years Jimmy and Jenny are kidnapped and taken hostage by former expiriments of Kandorians.
Gemani While Clark is trapped in the Fortress, Bizarro takes over his life, but Lois suspects Bizarro.
The Wedding On the day of Lois and Clark's wedding, Desaad, Granny Goodness, and a mind-controlled Green Arrow interupt the wedding.
Arrival of Apocalypse As apocalypse heads for Earth, Darkseid's army invades Earth, but must first get through the JLA.
Arrival of Apocalypse Before pushing Apocalypse away from Earth, Superman must defeat Darkseid.

Season 7Edit

Title Description
Race of the Supers Superman, Superboy, and Supergirl race.
Not Superman, Ultraman Clark switches places with his alternate evil self, Ultraman.
Mxyptlk or kltpyxm On Christmas Eve, a magic imp traps Clark in a time loop, to restart his day over and over again, and each time, people lose more and more hope.
Earth-13 Batman is sent to an Earth, where Superman uses gadgets instead of powers.
Gold Clark discovers Lex is using a machine, powered by Gold K, which takes away a kryptonians powers for good.
Fame and Fortune Clark reveals his secret to the world, but it doesn't fo as he planned, so he needs to find his Legion Ring.
The Life of Lana Lang While doing a story in Egypt, Lois runs into Lana.
A World with no Superman Lois is sent to a world, controlled by Lex Luthor, without a Superman, because this Clark lot his parents and is married to Lana, so Lois must help this Clark become the Man of Steel.
The Men of Steel Part 1 In a universe where Clark is a normal human, born to Johnathan and Martha, Clark is hunted by alternate evil versions of himself, Bizarro, Ultraman, Bad Superman, Cyborg Superman, but is saved by alternate good versions of himself, main Superman, Supergirl, Superboy, Jor-El Superman, Good Superman, Steel, but in the end all the other Supermen are wiped out, so the original main Superman transfers his powers to the powerless Clark.
The Men of Steel Part 2 Main Timeline Jor-El takes the alternate powerless Clark, now with the main Superman's powers, back in time to get alternate good Clarks to redo the battle. First, the main timeline Superman, then a timeline, where Kara was found by the Kents, instead of Kal-El, then a Superman with gadgets instead of powers, then the universe that Lois travelled to and helped Clark become Superman, and finally a universe where Clark is not Superman yet, but the Blurr.
The Men of Steel Part 3 After gathering all the alternate good Clarks, Jor-El takes the Supermen, The Blurr, Superboy, and Supergirl, to battle the alternate bad Supermen, in all of their greatest battles yet

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