Comparing the Batman.


Golden Age


Bruce Wayne

Bruce Wayne.

Bruce Wayne is much more of a calm person without any playboy activity, even becoming a police commissioner. His motivations for being Batman are the same however.


Batman (Earth-2)

Batman during the later half of the Golden Age.

Bruce makes a much more violent Batman, even using a gun in his earlier appearances and killing. He does however lighten up when he takes Robin as his sidekick and also his daughter with Catwoman, Huntress. He eventually retires the role.



The Golden-Age Bat-Family.

Bruce makes a decent mentor, but the relationship is heavily improved upon in later versions.

Silver Age


Bruce Wayne & Hugo Strange

Bruce is exposed by Hugo Strange.

Bruce Wayne is a more light-hearted version of the Golden Age Batman. He also hangs out with Robin a lot more and is perfectly accepting of him becoming Nightwing. He is also far more intelligent and like a Detective.


Batman (Earth-1)

Batman during the Silver Age.

Batman is much more light-hearted than the preceding Golden Age Batman and the proceeding Modern Age Batman.


Bruce makes a decent mentor like before, and he's perfectly willing to let Dick Grayson become Nightwing. And he's also taken Jason Todd as the second Robin before the Infinite Crisis. He also gets help from Batgirl.