This blog will talk about how Lara has changed and evolved throughout her media reinterpretations. This is purely informational, but I'd love to hear your impressions on her.


Golden Age



Lara and Jor-L protect Kal-L.

Like all of the Golden Age Kryptonians, Lara had her powers no matter what environment and put her son's safety over everything else.


Jor-L and Lara

Jor-L defends his family.

Not much is shown about how Lara acts as a wife. However, it is shown that Jor-L made a ship to send her and Kal-L to Earth in the Sol III system, but Lara refused to be with Jor-L as well as to ensure that Kal-L made it safely.


House of El2

The House of L flies to the ship.

As stated before, Lara put her son's safety over everything, choosing to remain with Jor-L as Kal-L's lesser weight would give the ship time to escape Krypton's explosion.

Silver Age


Superman's Girlfriend Lois Lane Vol 1 39

One of Silver Age Lara Lor-Van's few appearances.

Lara is hardly mentioned, and so it's hard to get a gauge on her personality.


Superman Family2

The Superman Family.

The same as above, though from what pictures there are, it seems that she and Jor-El are close.


As before, it's hard to tell, but it's obvious she did care for her son as she agreed to send him away to save his life.