This was requested by 799272002. This blog deals with General Zod.


Silver Age



Zod in the Phantom Zone.

Zod has incredible charisma and leadership skills, even after his exile into the Phantom Zone.


Zod is cunning and a good strategist.

Modern Age



Zod about to be sentenced to the Phantom Zone.

Zod is charismatic as always and also expertly deceptive, being able to deceive Alura In-Ze into believing he had been redeemed while secretly working on the conquest of Earth and New Krypton, earning him another imprisonment in the Phantom Zone. He's also vengeful towards Jor-El, and by extension Superman.


Zod is extremely cunning and always plans for the next move. First off, he and Ursa discovered an area of the Phantom Zone where they were corporeal, allowing for them to conceive a child, Lor-Zod. He's also able to get himself extremely high in New Krypton's order, resulting in the War of the Supermen before he was stopped by Superman.